(24/7 Temporary Fencing Hire ABN: 81 980 274 857)


1.1.24/7 means 24/7 Temporary Fencing Hire (ABN: 81 980 274 857)

1.2.Owner means 24/7 Temporary Fencing Hire (ABN: 81 980 274 857)

1.3.Customer is the person as listed on the quotation or invoice who requests or arranges for products and/or services from the owner (24/7) and
is responsible for security and payment of the product and/or service

1.4.Product / Equipment / Materials / Fencing covers all fencing panels, clamps, bases, gates, signage and other components as requested by
the customer on the quotation and/or invoice

1.5.Delivery & Erection or Installation means the materials have been delivered to the customers requested site and have been erected in
accordance to the customer’s request or in absence of a specific or reasonable request the fencing will be erected to the satisfaction
of 24/7’s common standards

1.6.Site means the premises address detailed in the quotation or invoice associated with the supply of this document.

1.7.Business hours are 7am – 4pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays and weekends.


2.1.24/7 will endeavour to fulfil its agreements at all times by delivering the fencing ⁄ products requested by the customer in accordance with
the agreement.

2.2.24/7 will endeavour to install / erect the fencing / products as close to the customer’s request/instruction as possible however in the absence
of instruction or with consideration of safety concerns 24/7 will erect to common safest standards.

2.3.The customer acknowledges that 24/7 may need to alter the installation/erection instructions to accommodate services or other obstacles


3.1.The hirer / customer must not deface, make any alterations or modifications to the installed fencing / products without prior written consent
from 24/7. All fencing / products are to be returned to 24/7 in the same condition they were supplied

3.2.The customer is responsible for the safe-keeping of all the fencing / products whilst on the customers site, the customer is responsible to
notify 24/7 as soon as practically possible of any damage incurred or repairs that are required to ensure the ongoing integrity of the
fencing / products

3.3.The movement or re-arrangement of fencing and/or products by the customer or its associated suppliers once installed by 24/7 is to be done
solely at the customers own risk, 24/7 accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage once alterations are made by the customer to
the original installation of the fencing / products

3.4.The customer must not remove the fencing / products from site or sublet the fencing / products to 3rd parties without the prior written
consent of 24/7

3.5.The fencing / products must not be used for any other purpose other than the original intent at installation / erection by 24/7 representatives


4.1.The rental / hire period commences upon the completion of the fencing / products erection or as agreed in writing between the
customer and 24/7

4.2.If for any reason which is not the fault of 24/7 that the fencing / products are delivered but cannot be installed the hire period may commence
at the previously agreed cost to the customer unless otherwise agreed to prior by 24/7 in writing

4.3.The minimum hire period is for one (1) month or thirty one (31) days unless otherwise agreed to by 24/7 in writing

4.4.24/7 is not required to credit or refund the customer for any fencing / products returned prior to the original agreement expiry

5. ADDITIONAL CHARGES (Including damage, missing or stolen products)

5.1.The customer is responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen fencing / products whilst on-hire and on the customer’s site. The cost of repairs
and/or replacement will be billable to the customer and charged after assessment from 24/7

5.2.Replacement costs for common products deemed unfit for repair, missing or stolen will be as follows;

5.2.1. Standard 2.4metre long panels $160.00 each & standard 2.6 metre long panels $180.00 each (subject to price variations)

5.2.2. Standard bases $34.00 each (subject to price variations)

5.2.3. Clamps $12.00 each (subject to price variations)

5.2.4. Stays $39.00 each (subject to price variations)

5.3. Any damaged, missing or stolen fencing / products will remain the property of 24/7 at all times

5.4. Once missing, damaged or stolen fencing / products have been established, 24/7 holds the right to charge ongoing hire of the missing,
damaged or stolen fencing / products until such time the replacement or repair has been paid in full by the customer to 24/7

5.5.Additional fencing / products required by the customer above and beyond the original agreed request will be charged at the agreed extra rate

5.6.The customer is to pay 24/7 additional labour and product costs for the supply and installation / erection of additional fencing / products or
removal of surplus fencing / products outside the original agreement. Any additional labour costs (including travel time) will be charged
at $55.00 per hour per person

5.7.A minimum charge of $250 will apply for any request to re-arrange or erect additional fencing / products

5.8.All pricing nominated in these Terms & Conditions are subject to change within reason and can be changed at any time at the discretion of 24/7


6.1.24/7 will invoice the customer immediately upon confirmation of the hire agreement and installation/erection of the fencing / products

6.2.The invoice will be for the full amount specified in the agreement and is to be paid within fourteen (14) days

6.3.All other charges to the customer will be invoiced as they arise

6.4.Not receiving an invoice will in no way relieve the Hirer of its responsibility for the payment of amounts due. Failure to pay amounts due within
fourteen (14) days of being due for payment or otherwise agreed to in writing by 24/7 will be considered a breach of this agreement

6.5.The Hirer agrees to pay 24/7 a service charge on all past due balances at the rate of 2.5% per month, 24/7 holds the right to waive this fee
at it’s discretion

6.6.Once the hire period on the original agreement has expired the product will be deemed to be still on hire until such time as the hirer/customer
notifies 24/7 of termination of the contract in writing. Without a termination notice in writing from the customer / Hirer a new invoice for
a minimum hire period of one (1) month or thirty one (31) days on 24/7 standard rates will be issued


7.1.Without prejudice to any other remedies available to 24/7 and notwithstanding the agreed hire period, 24/7 may terminate the agreement
without notice to the customer if;

7.1.1. The customer breaches any of these conditions of hire listed or;

7.1.1. Goes into voluntary liquidation, commits an act of bankruptcy, has a receiver appointed to its assets or ceases to carry on business

7.2.Upon termination of any agreements 24/7 holds the right to take possession of all products owned by 24/7 without notice to the customer / hirer

7.3.The customer fails to comply with the payment terms in this agreement.


7.4.24/7 is not be responsible to the Hirer/customer or any other person for any loss (including consequential loss), damage, or injury, caused by,
resulting from or in any way connected with, the fencing / products / equipment, or any defect in it.

7.5.24/7 will not be responsible for failure or delay in delivery, pick up, installation or removal due to any causes beyond its reasonable control and
will have no liability to the Hirer or any other person for any loss (including any consequential loss) arising out of such failure or delay

7.6.24/7 makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the fitness of the fencing / products / equipment for any particular purpose. In no event
shall the Owner (24/7) be responsible for any loss of, or damage to property, or death, or injury to person caused by the equipment, arising
out of the use thereof during the period of hire and Hirer shall indemnify the Owner from and against all claims which may be made against
the Owner for damages or otherwise, in respect of or arising directly or indirectly out of any loss, damage, death or injury whatsoever caused
directly or indirectly by or arising directly or indirectly out of transport, installation/erection, removal or the use of any fencing / product /
equipment whilst on hire to the Hirer which indemnity shall extend to and include all costs and expenses incurred by the Owner in
investigating and / or defending any such claim


8.1.24/7 holds the right to increase or decrease the hire rate and damage/replacement costs without notice although all efforts will be made to
give prior notice where applicable


9.1.All products supplied by 24/7 shall always remain the property of 24/7 and can be removed from site at any time without notice

9.2.Written or verbal agreement of a 24/7 quote or invoice by the customer implies and will be interpreted that the customer has read,
understood and agrees to comply with all 24/7 Terms & Conditions and pricing.